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Harry Potter Wand + Marauders Map Pack

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  • MUST HAVE FOR HARRY POTTER FANS - Harry's wand and a marauders map combines in one gift pack. Explore this expanding replica of the Marauder's Map, complete with folds and flaps hiding Hogwarts secrets..
  • QUALITY HAND PAINTED REPLICA 38 CM LONG - The wand that chose Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, when he visited Ollivanders Wand shop aged 11. Harry's wand was made by Ollivander of holly wood with a phoenix feather core. A stunning, high quality hand painted replica - as seen in all the Harry Potter films..
  • OFFICIALLY LICENCED REPLICA - Richly Detailed - The Harry Potter Marauders Map officially licensed replica is printed on heavy parchment paper and is filled with intricate details and surprises, recreated from the actual artwork used in the Harry Potter films..
  • MAP MEASURES 8.25 INCHES WIDE UNFOLDS TO 6 FT LONG - Full-Size Replica, the folded map measures 8.25 inches wide but unfolds to 6 feet long. Plus, several "secret" panels unfold to reveal even more detail throughout the map.
  • MAP PRINTED ON PARCHMENT PAPER - A detailed full size Marauder's Map replica printed on parchment paper. The Marauder's Map measures 15.5 x 72 inches open, folds to 15.5 x 8.25 inches. An authentic recreation of the famous wizard's wand. The wand is hand painted in fine detail..

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