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Funko Pop! Marvel Venom (Winged) Chase GITD Exclusive Vinyl Figure

New Reduced price! Funko Pop! Marvel Venom (Winged) Chase GITD Exclusive Vinyl Figure View larger

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Taille: 9.5 cm (3.75 inch).



Glows in the dark

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Venom is the title of several American comic book series published by Marvel Comics focusing on the various heroic and villainous incarnations of the character Venom, which have usually consisting of a human host and amorphous alien being called a symbiote. The first incarnation of the character was the one created by the first human host to the symbiote, Eddie Brock, and—since 2011—its current host, Flash Thompson). Beginning with Venom: Lethal Protector, eighteen limited series following Brock's adventures were published monthly between February 1993 and January 1998. A monthly Venom series began publication in 2003, following a new character, Patricia Robertson, and a clone of the original symbiote. The series concluded in 2004 after 18 issues. In 2011 another monthly series, following the adventures of Flash Thompson, was launched. The series concluded in October 2013 with its forty-second issue.