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From all my most ancient memories, there are a few that concern comics while I was only 3 give or take, when my parents were bringing me the "Strange" while i was in the hospital. Since then, this
inextinguishable passion never burned out and has even paced my life.

One of my cousin was reading me the adventure of Spider- Man before going to bed.

The comic books (William Tell (Swiss folk hero), la Jungle en Folie, Gaston Lagaffe, Spirou, Boule et Bill, the Smurfs...) that my friends gave me as gifts on my birthdays.

The sales of these gifts in order to buy me a bigger collection of comic books from the shops.

Meeting some of my best friends thanks to the comic books.

The creation of a fanzine et the writings of scenarios.

My training as a bookseller.

All the above which brought me to build Nostalgeek. Over time, I was lucky enough to antiquing and rummage in the flea markets, the junk shops and other garage sales, the various internet sites specilised in comic books and pop culture.

I even had the pleasure to find some of my childhood toys. It's this joy and these childhood memementos that I would like to share with you through this website.

Some of you will find here a few items that have imprinted their childhood ; a few others would want to complete their collection or simply to please themselves with nice gifts at a reasonable price.

Therefore, this is with passion and enthusiasm that I will suggest second hand or even new items from time to time.