Commitment to the confidentiality of your personal data collects as little information as possible about you. In order to be able to deliver your order, guarantee the security of your data or collect your opinion on specific pages, it may nevertheless happen that we require some personal information. treats your personal data with care and ensures that your private life is protected. Here are our three commitments regarding the confidentiality of your personal data:

Usage limited as much as possible
We never share your personal data with third parties without good reason.

Responsible processing
We protect and treat your personal information as if it were our own.

Transparent use
We use your personal information solely for the purposes described below.

What personal data does save?

Name address and place of residence
Electronic address
Telephone number
Connection details and customer number
IP address
Your use of our Internet site

The details mentioned above in combination with cookies let us see how you use our website and our services, and what your interests are. That enables us to improve our site, our services and the targeting of our advertising.

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